9 Most Unpleasant Questions At The Interview [It’s Important]

Rating of the most unpleasant questions asked by recruiters during the interview. Results are based on our own research.

9 unpleasant questions asked at interview

  1. Tell me about yourself?

There were times when the interview began to tell the applicant that he was born, went to kindergarten, high school graduate, he has a mother, father and pet dog. This employer is not interested. He is important to your life with regard to future work. All the facts of life, which will be useful in future, work commitments. Tell us about your education, to participate in a variety of interesting projects, such as your hobby or your mom help you cope with your work. Talk about all that in the future will allow performing the duties for which you have come to seek employment.

  1. What are your weaknesses?

This question honestly wants to answer or not answer at all. In no case do not say that you are late, like sleep, tear deadlines etc. Remove the flaws inside and talk about its merits, which could sound like flaws or shortcomings that might sound like dignity. For example, you are so fond of work, sometimes you have to drive out the protection of the office late at night. Or do you write so fascinating reports that guide that reads them, is late for the meeting. The share of humor does not hurt here. You can dream up a little wrap nonexistent lack of dignity. Sense of humor – is a sign of confidence, use a sense of humor on interviews, it is useful.

  1. Why did you leave with a previous job?

The most popular answer low wages, poor relations with management or colleagues. They cannot be called in any case. Possible honest answer – “gray” wages, it may well serve as an objective reason for your departure. You should strive to make your employment was “white” with all compensations and social protection. But the most correct and expected answer to the question – what the previous location you could not provide opportunities for development. You want to continue to grow, and therefore left the place of work and went in search of.

  1. The next question Mathematics – at what salary do you expect?

It’s always a bargain, in which the following rules apply: The player who first names the price. If you are a first voiced wages on which you want the recruiter begins to decrease. You will bargain hard enough. The normal call wages by 20-25% higher than expected. If you get nothing, try premonitory labor market, but offer for these positions. Call a little more of what you would like to receive the recruiter would call a lower price, you end up haggle to the desired position. If the recruiter offers strictly fixed rate, it will show it in the job description, and the bargain is about.

  1. How long do you plan to work for us?

This question is often given to women, because employers are afraid that the new employee on maternity leave after six months. Often women honestly say that soon will be married and would like to have children. Do not talk about it to the employer. The question of motivation, as you consider what this company: starting position, or you a lifetime dream to work in this company, focused on career development, perhaps it’s just a job near your home. This question can be answered honestly.

  1. Tell us about its merits.

Here we have to talk really about the merits, but only those that are relevant to the profession. Pointless to tell the recruiter that you cross stitching. It is important to talk about what you are fluent in English, targeting freely on the Internet, you know the laws and regulations, etc. Need to talk with examples from previous experiences, when these advantages have helped you to achieve significant results.

  1. How do you shift work under stress?

This question should make you think. When he appeared at the interview, so this work is expected. You must make a mark and think you are ready to stress or not. To this question is to ask clarifying questions recruiter: what exactly does he mean by stress. The situations are different: processing, inadequate bosses stream of phone calls from angry customers, uncomfortable office. And then forms its response. The correct answer template – stress you carry well enough, you can mobilize their forces can say that after you have mobilized their forces and carried out their task in conditions of stress, you went to the gym and beat pear or ate cake. Superman build of a not necessarily.

  1. What do you know about our company?

Vanity recruiters shines through in this matter. We all want to know about us. Even if a company “Cornflower-intertayment” that exists in the market of the past six months, it would be good to you about this company knew something. Any search engines to help you. If the employer is not told about himself on the site where you found the job, look for yourself what the company says about himself.

  1. Why do you want to work for us?Again the question of your motivation.

Lie here is not very good. But if you say that you regard this company as a launching pad from which you plan to leave for a higher salary and then you do not take. With this motivation better the company does not get better to go directly to the competitors. The most anticipated answer – what you always dreamed to work in this company, you will stay in it for a long time, will be loyal and will perform all the tasks. Maybe you just caught position description. You are interested in the social package, which is offered, the tasks that will be put. Friends have recommended you to work in this company.



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