About me and Best ever jobs


Welcome To My Blog :)

I have always love to help others . I want to teach people and share my ideas with other so i found blog is the best way to teach people online .

Why i started this blog

I want to start my website when i was in school, but I wasn’t know how to create a blog, but I decided I’d start a blog anyway. i searched daily for few hours , finally i created some blogspot blogs and keep working on them . My 1st blogspot blog was on Music . I keep learning some languages like HTML , Css and keep improving my website building skills , finally i learnt wordpress that really help me to build my blog . Finally i am launched my 1st blog in 2014 name with iphoneglobal. After that i decided to provide information about jobs and interview tips so i created my blog best ever jobs in early 2015 .

Why you should read this blog

There are millions of blogs out there on internet . These blogs give you various information’s but there is very less blogs which give you quality guide about your career , So i started career blog and my aim is to provide quality guide about career . My aim to provide information that 100 % related to career guide , which really help you to getting batter job.

How Best ever jobs Help you

First of all this blog not provide any magical secrets that make you rich over night . My blog provide information about career guide .

Here are some features that will surely help you .

  • Career guide
  • International job opening alerts
  • Local job opening alerts
  • Interview Tips
  • Tips on cv
  • How to choose career

Hopefully this blog really help you in a way to choose your career and also provide you alerts regarding international and local jobs . I have many article writers who wrote for my blogs . i warmly welcome all questions and queries and i also in touch with my visitors on facebook , twitter and on gmail .

Who the hell Am I

My name is shams ali – The master of this blog

I m professional web designer , blogger , student and blogging lover .

Best ever jobs

Best ever jobs

I m a internet worm and cant live without internet . I love surfing on internet . I mostly learn things on internet , skills like HTML , Css , WordPress , PHP , these things help me to build this blog and also motivate towards blogging career .

As for personal interest i m a big football lover . Love watching English premier League . My favorite Club is Manchester united .

Some Random facts about me

  • I was born in 1990 in Pakistan . My age is 24 years
  • I know only two languages urdu and English
  • I love blogging and love to write about career Guide
  • I love watching movies
  • I love listening music
  • I mostly played cricket and football in spare time